The Label Rouge system

BAGATELLE, the only traditional French baguette
with Label Rouge certification.

The commitment of a whole industry (Wheat, Flour, Bread)

From the wheat field to the bakery and from the farmer to the kitchen table. Excellence is of course essential to each step in producing the unparalleled taste of the only Label Rouge baguette, the BAGATELLE. Ongoing commitment to unique and impeccable quality.

Quality, Consistency and Humility are the golden rules for each player in the agricultural industry. Stringent and controlled specifications for CRC® wheat to ensure complete traceability. A Label Rouge reference system for flour controlled by an independent body to ensure the very highest levels of consistency. BAGATELLE certification for the Baguette de Tradition Française (traditional French baguette) is the result of the industry’s commitment and the assurance provided by a recognised high-quality product.

Stand out from the crowd

The BAGATELLE baguette is the only traditional French baguette with the Label Rouge distinction, guaranteeing its superior quality and the excellence of the artisan baker's work. La Maison Foricher applies a voluntary excellence approach throughout the production process, thus creating a close connection with its artisans.

BAGATELLE is therefore the only baguette with consistent superior taste qualities and no additives.

A simple improvement approach

The farmer and CRC® wheat

Only wheat from the CRC® industry is selected to make BAGATELLE flour. The specifications, which were originally drawn up for baby food, have been extended to other uses. 100% French wheat, inspected by Bureau Veritas.

  • Stored with fresh-air ventilation - No storage insecticides
  • Products are tracked and inspected from the field through to shipping
  • Cereals are grown according to good agricultural practices to encourage biodiversity
Flour and the Label Rouge

To be awarded the label, the flour produced by Foricher mills, T65 BAGATELLE, must be inspected at each step by an independent body (Certipaq). Traceability is therefore complete and the quality is impeccable.

  • No insecticide treatment during wheat storage after harvesting
  • Recognised bakery-quality flour obtained after selecting and blending the wheat
Expertise and the Label Rouge

Only this quality approach guarantees the best result, day after day: a healthy and consistent product. The whole production process is honed to achieve the very best results through meticulous standards and numerous control points. Teamwork in which each person performs their role with the same passion and dedication.

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