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Loved by artisans
Travel, Passion, Exacting Standards

Travel as inspiration. Passion as a driving force. Exacting standards as a credo.

Yvon Foricher is a qualified miller, following a family tradition spanning 7 generations. He created the company in 1997, initially as a trading company selling flour to artisan bakers.

For this uncompromising miller, consistency and excellence are crucial for protecting this unique knowledge and standing out from the crowd in a fast-changing market. Working closely with bakers, he has developed a relationship which extends far beyond business and has a hands-on role, providing motivation and services and anticipating needs.

Excellence, Commitment, Sharing

Foricher les Moulins in brief:

20 years of experience
7 generations of millers
100% artisan bakers
500,000 quintals of wheat milled each year
400,000 quintals of flour
3 mills
3 warehouses
90 employees
14 regions covered
43 French départements covered

Shared values

Yvon Foricher

Yvon Foricher has kept an open-mindedness he gained from growing up in France, Tunisia and Senegal. This enables him to view his profession from new angles, focusing on others and the future. He constantly questions himself and is humble and meticulous in his consideration of the whole production process in order to preserve the artisan nature which is so dear to him and envied abroad.

It is in this spirit that he developed the company, committing to a quality approach that respects nature. This sets the company apart from the rest.

Arnaud Sorin

Arnaud Sorin and Yvon Foricher go back a long way. For years they had observed and admired each other's work from a distance and it was inevitable that they would one day work together as they shared the same values, passion, motivation and even origins (both from a milling family)!

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Sébastien Gillet

This adventure needs to be led by someone who embraces challenge. Someone who can build things and wants to add value. Sébastien Gillet is that person. Won over by Yvon Foricher and his vision of the product and the industry, he joined the Foricher family a year after the company was created and grew along with the Moulin des Gaults, forming a solid foundation along with Yvon Foricher. He now delivers this vision by leading the Pays de Provence project. The next step is to create a hub in the region with a bakery offering training courses and spreading the spirit of La Maison Foricher.

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Vincent Pavec

Manager of the Pays des Abers site

Being in charge of this warehouse means following in the footsteps of Yvon Foricher so it takes someone who can understand and live the company’s vision and values. This person is Vincent Pavec. An experienced miller from Brittany who supports Yvon Foricher’s vision, he has worked long hours to expand the client base in the region, sharing Yvon Foricher's dream of giving this warehouse La Maison Foricher’s characteristic human touch.

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Thierry Chaillou

Passionate about the connection between the artisan baker and miller, Thierry Chaillou runs the sales side of the Moulin des Gaults, La Maison Foricher's first mill.

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Loïc Foricher

La Maison Foricher also expanded to the east of France with Loïc Foricher. Loïc, who manages the Moulins Dormoy, is Yvon Foricher's brother and a pillar of strength and loyalty in the construction and development of the family milling tradition.

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Respect, Knowledge, Tradition

Yvon Foricher's wish to convey his knowledge and vision soon became a reality when he bought the Moulin des Gaults in Poilly-Lez-Gien in 2000 and the company started to produce the flour it sold. In 2009, when an opportunity arose to purchase the Moulins Dormoy in Fougerolles, Yvon Foricher seized it to further develop throughout eastern France. In 2016, the Moulins d’Arnouville joined La Maison Foricher, expanding its client base by working with independent Parisian bakers. Today, the team is continuing to grow with warehouses in the South of France and Brittany but the spirit, human touch and passion remain unchanged. In contact with each member of the team, Yvon Foricher conveys his vision of artisan baking and ensures their well-being. Each person working alongside him joins the company and becomes a member of this big family.

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