BAGATELLE T45 Label Rouge flour in a 1kg bag

BAGATELLE®, the only T45 Label Rouge flour, is mostly suitable for the manufacturing of yeast dough, puff pastry dough and croissant dough. Foricher recommends the use of this T45 flour for pastry with baker’s yeast or sourdough. Some possible applications: Yeast dough: Rum baba, doughnuts, brioche, Kouglof, Savarin cake, pies. Puff pastry dough: Pastry turnovers, puff pastry roll, Galette des rois (crispy puff pastry pie), Mille-feuille (French vanilla slice), elephant ear cookies, French Pithiviers, rissoles, pies, puff pastry shell. Leavened puff pastry: Croissants, chocolate croissants.

Composition FLOUR

  • CRC© wheat flour

Packaging FLOUR

  • 1 kg bags

Allergens PASTRY

  • Gluten (Cereals)

Recommended retail price FLOUR

  • 1,80 € per kilo

Nutritional information - for 100g FLOUR

  • kcal
  • LIpids
    1,2 g
    dont AGS 0,2 g
  • Fibre
    2,6 g
  • Protein
    12 g
  • Carbohydrates
    69 g
    dont sucre 1,5 g
  • Salt
    0 g