Training for bakery front-of-house

Impeccable service and excellence right through to the very end

Even the very best product will not sell itself. Making a sale is the culmination of your efforts. La Maison Foricher will help you to ensure that your sales technique is on a par with your products: the very best.

In addition:

  • Graphic communication tools
  • Theme-based events for your bakery
  • A host for the launch event at your bakery

Training duration

    1 Day : from 8 :00 am to 6 :00 pm


    In the meeting room of the Moulin des Gaults at Poilly-lez-Gien

Training content

  • Enrich the knowledges and techniques that help you to develop sales performance
  • Build arguments adapted to your customers requests
  • Take care of the professionnel vision of your company
  • Energize and animate your store
  • Enhancement of production of breads and viennese pastries
  • Learn more about Laws and regulations in force to apply in store


  • A store manager